A Golfin’ Dolphin

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“A Golfin’ Dolphin called Edward Molphin entered the Masters at Allbluster….”

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“…But Edward knew their unkind barbs would effect his playing ability none, as he knew he would break the record for scoring holes in one..!”

The Golfin’ Dolphin is a book containing one of Anthony’s most well known poems with wonderful illustrations by Christina Brodie that make it a visual as well as a verbal delight for children, adults and anyone who likes poetry. The book costs £10 and is available by emailing Anthony via the Contact tab at the top of the screen.

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Golf 1 for websiteChristina Brodie
christina_brodie_200Christina Brodie is the creater of all the wonderfull illustrations to be found on this page and in the Golfin’ Dolphin book. She is  an all round artist who can write, sing, draw, paint, illustrate, design…you name it she can do it, You can check her many other artistic endeavors at her wesbite: www.queen-christina.com

“A Golfin Dolphin” is a Registered Trade Mark No. UK00003073956


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