Press Cuttings

Anthony Fairweather, a poetry slam champion has a speech impairment but can give Eminem competition once he starts rhyming.”

(Sherwin Coelho, Bournemouth Daily Echo)

“His shafts of vitriol strike home on matters that certainly resonate with this reviewer and probably with most thinking people”

(Arthur Duncan,, ****

” A Strong and Talented Performance Poet”

(The Herald)

“Anthony Fairweather defied the human need to breathe to deliver a seamless medieval poetic jig which only lacked a lute”

A.D. Hutchings (Flaneur Magazine)

Never Disappoints”

Dean Atta (Apples & Snakes)

Anthony Fairweather is a marvellous poet and a fine performer. His poems are quirky and catchy, his delivery flowing, yet enthused. He is also the nicest, politest poet I have ever met. I recommend him to audiences and organisers wholeheartedly.”

(Mab Jones – Promoter, Event Organiser and Poet)

Anthony Fairweather, performed a great set, dealing with office life including filing, irate bosses, and politics. He’s a great rhymer, and satirical poet. What is also very poignant about Anthony is that he has a stammer. At the end of his set one of the questions asked, was why singing or poetry seemed to make a stammer better. The answer was that science hadn’t manage to figure out why the rhyme and rhythm seems to stop stammers which is why singers don’t stammer, and which is why his poems have a specific pattern of rhyme and rhyming. I have nothing but respect for Anthony. It’s hard enough to be a performer let alone perform with a speech impediment, but that sounds condescending and that is not the only thing that makes him a special performer. His work is of a great quality and his honesty and humour always shine through. 

(Kat Francois – Promoter, Event Organiser and Poet)

Satirist Anthony Fairweather begins warming up the crowd with poems that build lyrical momentum amid lashings of comedy. As a veteran performer he has a formidable stage presence. After his performance, he removes his trademark black hat and shares his thoughts on poetry with me. ‘I write primarily for the purposes of performance. I tend to get very miserable if I do not write. I sneak my humorous side into things when I can and rhythm and rhyme are important to me too.’ 

Luke Das, – Time &